Why Le Baumli?

This small tree sits at the top of a rock like a king overlooking our vineyard.

From this place, we can admire all our vines and the breathtaking view of Lake Biel and Ile Saint-Pierre.

This tree has become an emblematic element of our estate. A source of inspiration for the name of our winery “Le Baumli”, which means “small tree”, and our logo which represents the growth rings of a tree.


3 hectares of vines located between Wingreis and Tüscherz, composed of 46% white and 54% red.

Grape varieties

  • Pinot Noir
  • Chasselas
  • Diolinoir
  • Chardonay
  • Pinot Gris


A sloping vineyard with many terraces supported by dry stone walls.

A breathtaking view of Ile St-Pierre.

Plant protection

Currently undergoing biological conversion, we hope to convert the estate in the very near future.


Care of the vines exclusively by hand.
Light mechanisation for tillage (mowing) and plant protection.

Soil / Climate

Limestone soil and temperate to mild climate ensured by the buffer effect of the lake.

Regarde le

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