The place where magic really exists

After a year’s work in the vineyard, where all our care and energy go to the vineyard, we then reap the reward of its fruits.

As soon as the grape harvest begins, the vinification and the ageing of the cuvées begin. Each wine will present a character of its own, some wise, some more capricious, some lively and energetic, others more laid back. It is therefore a question of respecting them by leading them to achieve the best and become unique, rather than forming them.

These steps come from passionate work combining listening and reflection

Opening hours

Winery open every Saturday morning from 9:30 to 12:00 midday

Payment accepted by cash or by card


  • Classic or gourmet aperitif
  • Food and wine pairing
  • Gastronomic cooking

A top chef to serve you! By reservation only.


Wheelchair accessible

Parking: Tüscherz station at 100 m